Mud Lab: Oakland’s Newest Zero Waste Store


Mud Lab – Oakland’s newest zero waste grocery store is open!

But it’s more than just a market that encourages their customers to bring their own reusable containers. It’s also a cafe, book store, community center and event space!

photo courtesy of Mud Lab


So whether you’re looking to stock up on bulk groceries, buy delicious baked goods, or if you just want to grab a hot cup of something at For Here, Please, Mud Lab is a fun and informative establishment that’s helping customers reduce their waste impact.


photo courtesy of Mud Lab

In addition to spreading awareness on the dangers of single-use plastics, they’re also giving back to their community and doing their part to keep it clean.


From ForHerePlease’s website:

“We were founded by two teachers and a non-profit leader: education is at the heart of our mission. We believe that community sustainability takes many forms and we seek to make sustainability affordable and accessible to people from all walks of life. The ways in which we currently support our neighbors:

  1. We clean up trash at Lake Merritt every week and host “Sustainable” Singles Meet-ups at plastic-free businesses.

  2. We raise awareness about the wage gap for baristas and other service sector workers.

  3. We partner with VerTerra and BLAST to help businesses without space for a dishwasher come up with plastic-free solutions for food service.

  4. We incentivize customers to remember their reusable mugs, bags and containers by writing grants for businesses.

  5. We educate children and young adults about environmental stewardship via a Children’s Book on climate change and by going directly to schools to host workshops/trainings.

  6. We host zero (or low) waste events at our Sustainability Hub and zero-waste grocery store: Mud Lab — 3933 Telegraph Avenue

  7. We sell books and encourage young people to read.”



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Cover images and content photos courtesy of Mud Lab/ 

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