Plastic Free July 2020: Day 25 – Mensies



Plastic Free July Day 25 // Mensies!

Like belly buttons, when it comes to that time of the month, we’re either innies or outies: tampons or pads. And before the days of Zero Waste, that pretty much automatically meant single-use plastics. Most commercial single-use tampons AND pads are made with plastic. Once they are used and contaminated, these materials are landfill trash. Definitely not compostable, and I’d say pretty nearly impossible to recycle safely.


Side note: sometimes I call my period “el punto.” Which just means “the point” in Spanish, but it’s also the word they use to end a sentence, like a period. It’s pretty nonsensical. Just thought I’d share that little tidbit with you.

Anyway, there are many reusable options for those of us “blessed” with el punto. (That phrase is going to get stuck in your head now, too. Just watch. Haha.)


Reusable Pads:

Reusable Organic Cotton Menstrual Pads Screen Shot 2020-07-25 at 11.33.58 AMImse Vimse Reusable Organic Cotton Menstrual Pads with Wings


So back to the first paragraph, when it comes to menstrual hygiene products (MHP), I’m an outie. I prefer pads. So for me, reusable cotton pads were an awesome, easy, plastic-free swap that paid for themselves in two periods.

Of course, if you’re an innie, go for the cup.


Menstrual Cup:



Duchess Menstrual Cup (2 Pack)

From Duchess to Diva Cup, there are many brands and styles to choose from.


Where can I buy a menstrual cup?

Menstrual cups have become so popular, you can find them just about anywhere from grocery stores to pharmacies to co-ops. I have friends that SWEAR by the diva cup.

Check out our list of U.S. Zero Waste Stores to find a diva cup or reusable pads at a store in your area!


What’s your favorite?

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  1. Years ago, when I still had periods, I used a Mooncup, which was the only cup around then and pretty hard to get hold of. I had tried the pads, but definitely preferred the cup. Post-hysterectomy and post-menopause I no longer need anything for ‘el punto’ but now I have other leakage issues so I definitely need pads! I’ve discovered that I need long pads – short ones don’t work for even minor bladder leaks if I’m sitting down. (I’m only saying in case it helps someone else.)


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