Plastic Free Challenge



In July 2018, Stephanie of and Madison of joined forces to share with you all these SIMPLE small changes you can do everyday to reduce your carbon footprint. We created 31 days of tips, tricks, and even recipes to help you live a life free of disposable plastics.  But it doesn’t have to be July to start the challenge, this is a great way to start the zero waste process, no matter what month it is!

Who We Are:

We are Stéphanie from and Madison from Zero Waste California and we 

Madison started her blog in 2016, linked to a very successful Instagram account (@zerowastecalifornia) where she shares about her zero waste lifestyle and lots of tips to help anyone adopt more sustainable habits.

Having studied industrial history, Madison realized that the correlation between plastic production and global warming was undeniable. She believes that education is the best defense for the environment and that small changes over time can have a massive impact.

Stéphanie started Fillgood in 2016 as well: for her, disposable plastics are a total nonsense, she believes they are a tremendous waste of natural resources and a major threat to our health. She started learning how to reduce plastic waste for her family and after a year, she was so excited about the results that she wanted to share her zero waste findings through her own online store. She is convinced that changing our lifestyle to make it respectful of our beautiful planet is a way to be happier everyday.




What is Plastic Free July?

It’s a worldwide movement that has started in Western Australia in 2011. It has grown from a handful of participants to millions of participants across more than 150 countries worldwide today.

The goal is to encourage people to be more aware of their disposable plastics use. Part of this involves supporting behavior change and helping others habitually #choosetorefuse shopping bags, straws, takeaway containers and coffee cups – just to name a few.


Why the challenge?

When we want to make changes in our life, like quitting smoking, finding a new job, learning a new skill, one efficient way to do it is to be focused, take massive action and repeat until it becomes an habit. Following this challenge will help you stay focused, give you lots of ideas with immediate actions. And you’ll find support: you’ll be able to share your results everyday with us, your doubts and we’ll be happy to answer your questions!

Since we are both from the San Francisco Bay Area, we will include in our posts lots of local references. Because we both believe that supporting our local communities is an important part of spreading the word about zero waste living.

How is it going to work?

Follow us on Facebook and/or Instagram. Everyday you’ll find a link to the action of the day, except on Sundays (we all need to take a break 😉 ).

Each week will cover a different topic to help encourage more sustainable habits. This will include recipes, travel tips, stuff for kids, personal/beauty care, and SO MUCH MORE!!!

  • Week 1: On the go
  • Week 2: In the kitchen
  • Week 3: In the bathroom
  • Week 4: Kids

At the end of each week you’ll get a checklist that you can print to keep track of your success!

Thank you so much for reading this, it means you’re already motivated to start reducing plastics!

See you on July 1st!!

Madison & Stéphanie



Day 1: The Zero Waste Challenge

Day 2: Straws

Day 3: Plastic Utensils 

Day 4: Water Bottles

Day 5: Coffee Cups

Day 6: Reusable bags

Day 7: To-Go Containers

Day 8: Wrapping up Week One

Day 9: No More Paper Towels

Day 10: Food Storage

Day 11: Buying Food in Bulk

Day 12: Composting

Day 13: Zero Waste Cleaning

Day 14: Zero Waste Dog Tips

Day 15: Wrapping up Week Two

Day 16: Zero Waste Dental Care

Day 17: DIY Mascara

Day 18: Cups and Pads

Day 19: Shaving

Day 20: Shampoo and Soap

Day 21: Refilling (lotion and more!)

Day 22: Wrapping up Week Three

Day 23: School Supplies

Day 24: Second hand toys

Day 25: Zero waste birthday party

Day 26: Diapers 

Day 27: Wipes and lotion recipe

Day  28 : Second hand clothes

Day 29: Wrapping up Week Four