Plastic Free July 2020: Day 20 – Shampoo


Bottled shampoo was one of the earliest plastic-free swaps I made over years ago. And believe me when I say I tried just about every alternative. (Check out my Zero Waste Bathroom Tour video at the bottom of the page)

First I tried the no-poo method, which I wish was called anything else, because this just sounds like forced constipation. For those who don’t know, no-poo generally just means cleaning your hair with an apple cider vinegar rinse.

Yeah it sounds as lovely as it is. It didn’t work for me, even after weeks. My hair was greasy and I smelled like a pickle.

So then I went to shampoo bars. For the most part, I love them. LUSH has my favorite shampoo bar in terms of effectiveness, but it’s pretty expensive and the bar doesn’t last long. I’ve tried some other brands sold in stores, but didn’t have as much success with them.

1594333860304_untitled design (7)772322103229647575..jpg

I still go back and forth between shampoo bars and refillable shampoos, and when it comes to refill, I think Plaine Products has my favorite liquid shampoo. The smell is sort of a citrus-y mint that I’d rate as an 8/10 and the shampoo quality is a 9/10. It certainly leaves my hair feeling clean, not greasy, and smells fresh.

Zero Waste Bathroom Tour:


But Plaine Productsis on the pricier side, but since I am saving money in other areas by not giving into impulse buying and growing some of my own produce, it works out okay.

Find Plaine Products in the Bay Area

What’s your favorite plastic-free shampoo alternative?

Do you have a favorite refillable brand?

Comment below!

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