Plastic Free July 2020: Day 24 – All Purpose Cleaner


My DIY All-Purpose cleaner recipe is probably my favorite plastic-free cleaning swap out. And there’s no need to buy a fancy mason jar spray nozzle attachment. You can work your way through the cleaner you currently have, rinse it out well, and reuse it!

The recipe I use is:

3 parts water to 1 part vinegar (which I can usually find in glass).

To cut the vinegar scent, I add citrus peels or lemon juice which gives it a much nicer fragrance.

Note: do not use vinegar on marble or natural stone surfaces.


Why make your own cleaner?

Well, in addition to saving money and reducing packaging, commercial cleaners can contain some pretty nasty ingredients.

According to the Environmental Working Group, “There are no current regulations requiring manufacturers to fully list their ingredients on their packages or online, which can leave shoppers completely in the dark regarding the safety of these products. Although some companies voluntarily reveal some ingredients, only about one in seven cleaning products reviewed by EWG in 2016 fully disclosed ingredients on their packages or websites.”

It’s also important to note that vinegar should not be relied on as a disinfectant. Although it has some disinfecting properties, this solution should be used to physically remove dirt and other impurities for surfaces or objects. This process doesn’t eliminate all germs, but according to the CDC, by removing them it lowers their numbers.”



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