Zero Waste Bathroom Supplies

Personal Care:

 Reviews on tested supplies in attempt to achieve a zero waste bathroom


Finally, a 100% biodegradable toothbrush. Did you know almost all bamboo toothbrushes contain bristles made from nylon? Nylon is a non-biodegradable polymer that has to be pulled from the toothbrush before you can compost the handle. It’s quite a pain. So cheers to Truly Eco Friendly for their bamboo and plant starch bristle toothbrush, that is 100% biodegradable and requires no frustrating bristle-pulling when no longer usable.

Truly Eco Friendly Bamboo Tooth Brushes 


And while we’re on the subject of dental hygiene, here is a refreshing Flouride-free tooth powder packaged in paper and shipped plastic-free!

Zero Waste 6 Month Supply Organic Vegan Fluoride Free Tooth Powder Peppermint


Maybe you don’t have a garden. Maybe you don’t have 5-6 months to grow a loofah gourd. Maybe you can’t find them for sale anywhere. That was me. So I tried these, they work well. Really good at exfoliating, so be careful on sensitive skin:

Shampoo Bar:

I have pretty oily hair, so a lot of shampoo bars weren’t cutting it. This one did. But remember, before buying from Amazon, try LUSH (though they are a bit expensive) or even Whole Foods and Target – both of which have been carrying shampoo bars in some stores.

Vegan AND Zero Waste floss:

why is this a big deal? Because most vegan floss is made of plastic and most zero waste floss is made of silk, which isn’t technically vegan. This floss is made out of bamboo, so it’s both vegan and zero waste, because it’s compostable!

Safety Razors:

Disposable plastic razors are huge polluters, and they’re designed to go dull quickly. Safety razors are not only a better investment because they’ll save you money (very quickly), but they’re much better for the planet. All stainless steel, which is totally recyclable, these razors are great for both men and women.

Cotton Buds

Reusable Cotton Makeup Removers

Cleaning Supplies:

Toilet Scrubber:

I have had mine for two years and it still holds up. I really like the fact that the bristles are made from natural tampico fibers and the wand its made of wood, so the whole thing can be composted if it ever breaks. I also appreciate the dish at the base of the stand to catch any liquid. It makes cleaning very easy.

More plastic-free scrubber brushes:


Soap Saver and Travel Bag:

Soap Dispenser Attachment for Mason Jar: