Amazon continues to support oil and gas companies … And their employees are risking their jobs to let the world know

Over the last year, Amazon promised they would switch to 100% renewable energy sources and cut down on carbon emissions, but as many of their employees have confirmed, Amazon continues to endorse oil and gas companies.

“The science on climate change is clear. It is unconscionable for Amazon to continue helping the oil and gas industry extract fossil fuels while trying to silence employees who speak out.” These are the words of Amelia Graham-McCann, Senior Business Analyst at Amazon.

Amelia, we agree. And we thank you and the hundreds of other Amazon employees who are risking their jobs to stand up for the environment.

This wave of public statements gained traction when two Amazon staff members were fired for publicly criticizing the company’s climate policies. Maren Costa, a user experience designer, and Jamie Kowalski, a software development engineer, were terminated from the company for violating Amazon’s external communications policy.

But we appreciate the sacrifice you made to help protect the plane and we support all of you!

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  1. They are an awful company. It’s easy to say “just stop using them.” But most people won’t. They need to make the changes


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