Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Trashy Tuesday

First we had Black Friday. Then came Cyber Monday. And unfortunately, that created Trashy Tuesday. Well, let’s face it, the entire holiday season is littered with waste.

This December, Zero Waste California will provide new tips each week to help reduce your waste output while keeping your celebrations merry and bright, because zero waste isn’t about zero fun!

But be wise this Monday with all those “amazing deals.” Price compare with other stores and you’d be surprised at how little you’re saving. Don’t impulse buy! You’ll usually regret the purchase and that’s a great way to make unnecessary waste in an already wasteful season.

Online shopping has had devastating effects on the environment. “People are ordering a lot more things online, and they arrive in small- and medium-sized cardboard boxes, and so you can see it right here,” stated Robert Reed of San Francisco’s recycling program, Recology in an NBC interview.


But what’s worse? Most of these items never get reused, or even recycled. Over 75% of all the packaging that comes with online orders goes to landfill regardless of what they are made of!!!! Just think of alone and all the packaging they distribute annually. Now imagine 75% of that giant pile going to landfills. And that’s just one company.

Not okay.



“According to a report from Moore Recycling Associates, in 2015, consumers recycled less than 7 percent of all plastic films and wraps. And, in 2013, the average recycling rate of all packaging (excluding compost) was less than 25 percent, according to Resource Recycling Systems.” –



Avoid purchasing items that can’t be packaged in post consumer recycled materials, and avoid packaging you cannot personally ensure will be reused or properly recycled.

Next best thing? Contact their customer support and demand they offer eco-friendly shipping alternatives. Don’t email. Speak directly to a live person who has to offer you a response, even if it’s just “I’ll pass it on to our management.” If we all demand this service, companies WILL respond. We must be proactive!





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