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Is it possible to have a plastic free bathroom? 

Zero Waste Bathroom tip: keep it simple.

I went through my products one by one, using them up slowly and deciding on what I really need. My new motto: don’t put it on your skin if you wouldn’t eat it. I realize I didn’t need a separate hair, skin, and face oil. That I could make my own moisturizer and deodorant at the same time with just a few additional ingredients (recipe coming soon!) Bamboo toothbrushes and plastic free razors are easy to find on many Zero Waste sites and in natural food stores.

Sink counter:

Pictured above and below are bamboo toothbrushes, stainless steel razor (unisex), refillable hand soap delivered from Most of the items have become readily available in whole foods stores, co-ops, or online.




My shower is finally plastic free! It took me a long time to slowly go through and recycle all my plastic products. It’s amazing how many different items I was convinced I needed! The bar on the left is my oatmeal soap and hand-sewn cotton soap sock, next that is my conditioner and shampoo bar!


My hair is still a little dry from the conditioner alone (but it was dry after using regular conditioner, too.) so after towel drying I rub a little argon oil on my palms and run it through my ends. It works pretty well! Not to mention, the open bars of flowery soaps make my bathroom smell amazing.


I purchased my cleaning brushes from @thewildminimalist. Plastic-free scrub brushes for my toilet, shower and a detachable scrub brush for pots and pans. The clay dish on the toilet brush stand separates for easy clean up.

The plastic-free, low impact lifestyle is a slow process, especially if you are being as sustainable as possible and using up your current items as sparingly and consciously as possible. So for these purchases, it was worth spending a little extra than I would normally have on a toilet brush or sponge, knowing these items will last, like forever if you treat them well. And all these items are compostable, so nothing will end up in a landfill (except for the metal on the handle, but since the brush detaches, I’ll never need to get rid of the handle.) The toilet brush worked great so far. I’ll let you know about the rest. They have a lot more than just brushes too. They have a ton of household and travel items designed for low impact lifestyles.



Bathroom sink in my 2016 apartment:

(those stainless steel razors really do last!)

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