What to do with solo socks? DIY Dryer Balls!

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This is my favorite way to add a little fragrance to my laundry. And it’s so easy!


Watch the instructional video:

We’ve all sacrificed a sock to the realm of the unknown, a place where solo socks are doomed to roam forever. But what do we do with their surviving mate? We give them a new purpose, my friend.

Using your favorite essential oil or extract, dab 10 to 20 drops on the toe part of the sock and roll it up into a ball, using the cuff to secure it in place. If the cuff isn’t very tight, you can roll it up into a second sock to keep it ball-shaped as it spins in the dryer. This also helps prevent the oil from getting on your clothes.

These DIY dryer balls will last for a few cycles, but when you notice the fragrance fading, just dab some more oil in and repeat.

I make my own extract using citrus peels and some vodka that Jessie left at my house last July 4th. Using the DRIED peels from 4 or 5 citrus fruits, usually orange, I stuff them into a very clean mason jar, add 12 cup of water, and fill it to the top with vodka. Then I seal the jar and leave on the counter for 7 days, giving it a good shake a few times a day. After a week, strain the liquid and store in a clean, air tight container.

You can technically use this to flavor food, especially baked goods, but I prefer to use it for cleaning. And find a fragrance that works for you. Tea tree oil gives me a splitting headache.


DIY Essential Oil Tutorial:


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