Kroger donated 3.6 million pounds of fresh food to prevent hunger and waste!

Screen Shot 2020-06-08 at 8.22.00 PM

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Kroger’s Zero Hunger | Zero Waste initiatives have increased as food banks across the country have been struggling to support the needs of their communities. This week, the Kroger Co announced that they have surpassed their three-year goal to donate over one billion meals by 2020.

Just as exciting, in an effort to reduce food waste, Kroger Mid-Atlantic just announced that 98.3% of its stores donate fresh fruits, veggies and proteins to food banks food pantries. This has resulted in saving 3.6 million pounds of food waste in 2019 alone, as stores are able to give away fresh, surplus food before it spoils.

Last year, Kroger also donated 3,295,485 pounds of food to food bank partners.

Of course, no supermarket is perfect, but we still give them a lot of credit for trying. There’s always room for improvement, but sometimes it’s important to celebrate the victories instead of dwelling on the negatives. If a large corporation is already starting to implement zero waste practices, asking them to go a bit further, like by reducing their plastic packaging, seems more attainable. Our foot is basically already in the door.

Never forget the power you have as a consumer. Vote with your dollar and support businesses that align with your beliefs.

If a company is doing something you like, tell them! And if there’s room for improvement, you can graciously offer your suggestions. You’d be surprised what a few e-mails and reviews from a bunch of people can do.

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