The USDA just announced plans to cut agricultural food waste by 50% (in the next ten years)

Today, the USDA revealed their plans to tackle pollution created by the agricultural industry.

These goals include: cutting agricultural food waste in half by 2030 and reducing 30 percent of water pollution from fertilizer runoff by 2050. They also promise to adopt unspecified carbon-sequestering technology.

Another goal is to increase overall agricultural production by 40% and to grow enough feedstock to make quantities of biofuel that would constitute 30% of the nation’s fuel supply. Do you think biofuel is a sustainable alternative?

Ultimately, the USDA has claimed that they will reduce their entire carbon footprint by 50% in the next thirty years. But like the Bezos Earth Fund, this plan is filled with many vague statements and unspecified targets.

Fingers crossed.  Let’s see how this goes!

Sources: The Hill, Politico

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