Stop Junk Mail

Junk mail is a huge cause of unnecessary waste worldwide. The U.S. uses 2 acres of timber per minute to support its junk mail habit, that’s 2.6 million trees per year allocated to making crappy Subway and Bed Bath and Beyond coupons!!!!
On average, every American receives between 5-6 pieces of junk mail every day, which accumulates to over 1 billion pounds of paper waste going to landfill each year.

So, how do you reduce your junk mail?

You can start by requesting to be removed from major junk mail sources like:
If you see “return service requested, forwarding service requested, address service requested, or change service requested” written on the envelopes of your junk mail, don’t open them! Instead, write “refused, return to sender” on the envelope.
Let’s not forget another huge contributor to paper waste: bills! In 2019, there’s no reason not to do your billing electronically. Wasting paper doesn’t just waste trees, it wastes water and energy as well. So whenever possible, do your billing online!

How to Stop Junk Mail:



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