Pull out those bristles!

So your being awesomely sustainable by purchasing bamboo toothbrushes, but what about those nylon bristles? How can you compost bamboo with nylon attached? Unfortunately, you can’t.


This image is from fillgood.co a sustainable delivery service in the Bay Area

So grab your favorite pair of pliers and a something to catch the tiny pieces and get to pullin’, my friend.

It’s actually pretty fun to tug out the toothbrush bristles, and a great way to work out some aggression! I am collecting the bristles in a small glass jar pictured above. Once it gets full, I will package them and send them to:

Terra Cycle.JPG

Terracycle where they can actually recycle the the tiny plastic pieces! They can recycle your old plastic tooth brushes, plastic floss cases, and mini  and regular sized toothpaste tubes from before you went green 😉

The bamboo brush is going right into the compost!

No more microplastic in the ocean! 😊💚



  1. Thanks for the tips, I haven’t started using bamboo toothbrushes yet, but once my others run out I’m hoping to give it a try.


    1. That’s the best approach! No need to rush into new products. Just use what you have. Took me almost a year to go through my free tooth brushes and floss kits from dental visits, before I learned to politely decline them. I collected them together with a roommate and when I had a good supply of empty tooth paste tubes, brushes, and floss, I sent it to terracycle to be recycled 🙂

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