Regrow your carrots!

Wait! Don’t toss those carrot tops into the compost!

Like many vegetables, carrot tops can actually be regrown! Instead of composting your carrot tops, place them in a shallow bowl or dish of water, and place in a sunny window. In a few days to weeks, you’ll see roots starting to appear.

Once established, simply plant in soil and treat like a normal carrot sprout!

Did you know, carrot greens are packed with nutrients, including significant amounts of vitamins A and C, fiber, calcium, and iron. 1 cup of raw greens is roughly 90 calories.

Add these leafy greens to soups, salads or sandwiches! (Carrot green salad recipe)


Step one: clean carrots and cut about 1 inch from the end.

Step two: place carrot top cuttings cut-side-down in a shallow bowl

Step three: fill bowl with water, about half way up the carrot cuttings

Step four: place dish by sunny window

Step five: refresh water daily or as needed.


Within a few days to a week, you’ll notice new green sprouts growing from the top of the cutting, while small white roots branch out from the bottom. Once the roots become established, usually after 2-3 weeks, they are ready to be planted in soil.

Treat these newly planted sprouts like regular carrot sprouts and you can virtually re-grow your greens…forever!

regrow-food-scraps-005Source: Food Revolution Network

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