Our Throw Away Culture 

I seriously stared at this for several minutes in disbelief.
We’re too hurried in our lives. What are we racing for? Death? Because that’s what’s at the finish line, so maybe slow down a tidge. Just a tidge. We buy and buy, trash and trash. We feel the need to have the newest, greatest thing.

And we don’t think about the actual costs, the external costs, because all the trash just seems to go away.

This is how it looked the next day:

But there is no such thing as “away.”

Do you know how much carbon was released making an electric car that’s supposed to be eco-friendly? On top of that, electric cars are still being charged off the same grid we get our electricity from at home. And we make electricity by burning fossil fuels. This is counterproductive. Having thousands of electric cars charging off the same unstable power grid every night is a recipe for blackouts. 👎🏽
Once you kill the compulsion to have the newest, greatest thing, and they are just things, you will start to feel peace. You’ll learn to really appreciate and respect the things you own and do your best to take care of them, fix them, but still realize they are nothing more than things. Your family, your friends, your pets, your neighbors… these are the things worth caring about.

If your prone to mindlessly shopping and tossing, what else are you throwing away without realizing? A friendship? A relationship? Be mindful of every action. I was brought up to be a consumer because that’s what America was influenced to do after WWII. But that story is for another post….

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