Oh yeah, about that… 

This is never my favorite way to start a month, but in honor of #PlasticFreeJuly let’s talk FHP, or feminine hygiene products (that’s what we called it at Girl Scout camp, it just stuck). I’ve never been a fan of tampons, so the idea of a cup was too much for me. But I hate maxi pads. They’re plastic, diaper-ish, they always leak on the wings and after a couple hours they are super uncomfortable.


So when I found these I was reusable ones I was really excited to give them a try. After a couple days, I am definitely sold. They’re so comfy! Like sitting on a cloud. And dare I say cute??? I was previously going through a pack of disposable pads every month, that’s 12 packs a year for over a decade. Probably enough to fill my entire bathroom, and they’re just sitting somewhere in a landfill with every other girl’s in my town. Barf.


And to think how easy it would be to stop contributing to that maxi pile or tampon tower. What chemicals are being added to them? And why is the liquid blue in their ads? You know what I’m talking about. If anything came out of my body that color I’d be on WebMD faster than you can say “hypochondria.”

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