Plastic Found in Raindrops


Plastic waste is expected to skyrocket from 260 million tons a year to 460 million tons by 2030.

Screen Shot 2020-06-16 at 4.17.09 PM~2

Plastic never actually goes away, it only breaks down into smaller and smaller particles that become ubiquitous in the environment. Microplastics break down into nanoplastics. In water, these itty bitty nuisances are absorbed into the atmosphere by transpiration, and then fall back down onto the Earth in raindrops.

Plastic particles in raindrops have been discovered on Mt. Everest, in our National Parks, and pretty much everywhere else we have looked. If it hasn’t been discovered in an area yet, it probably is because that area hasn’t been documented yet.

Oh Prince, bring back the Purple Rain… Not this shit. ☔💜☔.
Sources: ArsTechnica, McKinsey & Company, .

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