Going Corona-Crazy? Here are some stress-reducing tips

Hey everyone,

I hope you are staying healthy, safe, and as happy as possible.

Although it’s important to stay informed, watching or reading the news all day can be very stressful. And stress weakens our immune systems.

Try to limit yourself to 5 minutes of news, twice a day.  Set an alarm if you have to. 5 minute limits have kept me informed and prevent me from going down anxiety-inducing rabbit holes. This way I don’t miss major events, but also don’t re-read the same information over and over simply because it’s coming from a different news source or because it was just posted 7 minutes ago.


After those 5 minutes, I try to do something relaxing, like yoga, walking the dog, or playing in the dirt in my garden, or rinsing out my sprouts. Sometimes I FaceTime a friend. Sometimes I just veg out and watch Netflix.

But I don’t want to get too complacent, because that’s not healthy either. So I find a new activity to try at least once a day, using materials I already have, or activities that don’t require any physical material, like learning a new language, or brushing up on a foreign language I haven’t studied since high school. YouTube is an excellent, free resource for learning just about any skill!


For a regularly updated list of isolation creation inspiration, check out: Staying Active in Isolation: Zero Waste Activities and Craft Ideas

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