Zero Waste Pet Tip: Compost your pet’s fur!

Now that spring is in the air, if you have pets, their fur probably is, too.

So after your next brushing session, don’t toss that fur into the trash or flush it down the toilet.

Why contribute organics to landfill or our sewage system when fur is a perfectly compostable protein that can biodegrade quite quickly in a hot compost pile.

As fur breaks down, it releases nitrogen into the compost. Nitrogen is an essential element for plants since as it is a core component of many plant structures and their internal and external metabolic processes. 

I am not grossed out at all by adding my dog’s fur to our composter. Once fully composted, I will use it my garden and grow some very loyal produce, like Chihua-termelons, Carrot-weilers, Doberman Pinscherry tomatoes, and Shih Tzucchinis, okay I’m done.

No wait, one more thing.

Some birds also use fur and hair to build their nests. Ever see a hummingbird nest? They’re so fluffy and warm. I assume they’re using only the finest poodle fur on the market.

Photo Credit: Bryan Ventura

Note: fur composting is considered green matter.

Dog model: George AKA “Bagels” 

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