New Moon Natural Foods: Tahoe’s Low Waste Market

New Moon Natural Foods, South Tahoe

New Moon Natural Foods doesn’t call itself a zero waste store, but it’s hard to miss the many zero waste options that are pretty unique to grocery stores.  Just like many sustainable grocery stores, they do still have food items packaged in plastic. But if you’re living a plastic-free lifestyle, you can fill your cart and then some on their bulk goods and loose produce.

And they’re unique because they have bulk options that are pretty rare where I am from. Like package-free cranberries, something I have never seen.

NMNF has two locations, one in Truckee and one in Tahoe City. I’ve yet to visit the Truckee one, but I hear its even bigger!




Or package-free Brussels sprouts and sugar snap peas, something I see very rarely. They also offered some locally grown lettuces, but they were unfortunately packaged in plastic Ziploc bags so we skipped them this time. They did sell full heads of lettuce, package-free, so salad definitely was an option if we wanted it. But I was pretty stoked with the b-sprouts and c-berries.

I’ve saved seven years of my life by abbreviating words down to acronyms.




They have a a section to refill your containers with cooking oils, like olive oil. I went with their basin infused olive oil this time. It did not disappoint. They also have maple syrup, vanilla extract, and different types of flavored balsamic vinegars.



Around the corner you can blend nuts into fresh nut butter, and if you bring your own containers, the entire process can be completely zero waste. Just above the nut butter section, they have a selection of balsamic vinegar, soy sauce, and more cooking oils you can fill your own containers with.



Their bulk section had all the essentials and then some. Look how tempting it might be to buy those expensive bags of Red Mill flours. Sure, they’re good quality, but the bulk ingredients are just as tasty in my opinion, and usually at least half the price. Why am I paying several dollars for plastic packaging that will go to landfill? No suh.



And right as you are ready to leave, or right as you walk in, but maybe you missed it because… tunnel vision…. they have a nice little section of plastic-free, reusable goods. Reusable straws, containers, Kleen Kanteens, mason jar tops… more straws. Nice.



This place is an absolute delight. There’s only one thing I wish they sold: zero waste floss. The only types I have found are either packaged in plastic, or made of plastic. So if you read this and you have some affiliation with the store, please oh please, consider zero waste floss.

And if you’re in the Tahoe area, this is definitely a place to check out. I am lucky to live close enough that I can visit a couple times a year. And each time we come, the first place we head to to stock up on supplies is New Moon Natural Foods.

But don’t stop there, there are a few sustainable shops popping up around the lake.


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