Will beverage companies be required to take back and recycle their bottles?

“The current system is broken down, its antiquated, it’s done.” These are the words of by California Senator Bob Wieckowski in response to the lack of efficient recycling programs statewide.

In fact, over the last few years, many recycling centers in California have been forced to close. In 2019, the state’s largest recycling business, RePlanet, shut down all 284 of their facilities. San Francisco only has 4 centers serving it’s 900,000 residents!

But help is on the way… hopefully!

Today, a state Senate hearing will be held to discuss Bill 372. If passed beverage companies, including wine and liquor, would be required to take some responsibility and recycle their own bottles. This will hopefully start to close the circle and influence these companies to consider more sustainable/compostable materials for their products.

Sources: CA.gov, LA Times

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