Pretzel Skulls

Pretzel Skulls

This one is super easy, to make, but the biggest challenge is finding white chocolate chips in bulk. I cannot. So I buy big chunks of white chocolate by the pound from the chocolate section at my local Whole Foods. The block I bought today was $9.99/lb.

Use the tea-melting method to melt just under a tablespoon of chopped white chocolate, you don’t need very much.




These yogurt pretzels were purchased in bulk for $5.99/lb. I ate a lot of them before making this recipe.


  • 10 yogurt pretzels
  • 1 tablespoon chopped white chocolate, melted
  • candy eyes (recipe here)


After melting the white chocolate, use it as a glue to adhere the eyes to the pretzels like so:


Allow them to dry for about 10 minutes, then make your friends and family smile with these silly, package-free, Halloween treats. 🙂



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