My Thrift Store Treasure Hunt

I think this is where zero waste differs from minimalism. There are definitely many similarities, but I am definitely not a minimalist. I’m too messy. …And I like colors, heh.

As minimalism often means downsizing, I feel like there’s a lot of waste that goes with it. There’s this inner desire to cleanse your house of, well, almost everything except the bare essentials: an IKEA chair and a cup with some grass in it.

But I don’t want or really need to downsize. Seeing a few items (or more than a few) on my counter doesn’t stress me out. What stresses me out is seeing overflowing trash and recycling bins at my curb on trash pick up day.

Also, what if I end up needing that item later? I don’t know, like rolling pin or something I use infrequently but enough. I argue that it’s really big, it takes up a lot of the kitchen drawer, and I don’t bake that often. But then it’s the holidays and I want to make a pie, and all the pie shells are wrapped in plastic. Crap. If I had tossed the rolling pin (or hopefully donated it), and now I have to go out and buy it, probably brand new if I’m in a pinch. My theory is, if you even use it sometimes, keep it if you can. My pre-rolling pin days were much more difficult.

So if you have the room, clean it, wipe it dry, and store it neatly. If it’s broken, learn how to fix it on YouTube, or take it to be repaired somewhere.

So what does this have to do with my thrift store treasure hunt?


There are some items that I definitely *want* but certainly do not *need.* For these items, non-urgent gadgets and things that might make my life a little easier, I pop them onto my treasure hunt list. It’s almost like a bucket list, and makes thrifting fun. Some of these items are pretty easy to find, like cookie cutters, but I will still be picky in my selection, making sure they are in good condition and not rusty. Some of the items are a little more far-fetched, like a taiyaki pan or onggi hangari, which I doubt I could even find in a second hand store in South Korea. But hey! That’s why it’s a treasure hunt. Extra points for the rarest items! 😀

Bonus: When I get to travel, I love to take home a small reminder of a unique place. Sure pictures are great, and memories even better, but I was once the kind of kid that looked forward to the gift shop almost as much as the main attraction. But let’s be real, gift stores usually contain nothing but garbage: cheaply made items, usually plastic, that are meaningless in the long run.  Instead, find a thrift store in the place you are visiting, it sort of gives you an insight to their local culture also. You get to see the kinds of fashion that is worn locally, what kinds of kitchen and cooking gadgets they might use, etc. But better yet, if you find one of your treasure hunt items in a foreign thrift store, it works as a functional souvenir! And whenever you use it, you’ll think of the happy memories of your trip. Awww!


So without further ado, here is my Thrift Store Treasure Hunt List. And again, these are not items I need, just items that would be nice to have if I could find them second hand.

Thrift Store Treasure Hunt List:

  • Cookie cutters (found: paw print)
  • small grater
  • glass pastry holder
  • taiyaki pan
  • vegetable peeler
  • onggi hangari
  • metal ice cube tray
  • metal collander
  • clay plant pots
  • medium flat wicker basket
  • garlic press


anything crossed out has been found!

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