On average, humans ingest 5 grams of plastic per week that’s about the weight of a credit card!)

According to a 2019 study for the World Wildlife Federation, around the globe, humans ingest approximately 5 grams of plastic every week (the equivalent of a standard credit card), or 260 grams per year (equivalent to the weight of a regulation volley ball).

Most of the plastic we ingest plastic comes from microplastics (particles less than 5mm) which are ubiquitous in almost every aspect of society, like our food, drinking water, rain drops and even in the air.

According to a June 2019 study by Environmental Science and Technology, Americans are ingesting up to 121,000 microplastic particles annually.

Still drinking from plastic water bottles? You can be ingesting an additional 90,000 plastic particles each year compared to those who only drink tap water (ES&T, 2019).


California, we must take it upon ourselves to lead the way in refusing single use plastic whenever possible!


World Wildlife Federation, Environmental Science and Technology, CNN

View the 2019 reports:


  1. Scary to think we are breathing in micro-particles of plastic.
    Education, education, education. Eventually we all learn.


  2. this is a real eye opener, yet so many people still refuse to carry reusable bottles. I think we are addicted to plastic and don’t even realize it.

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