Plastic Free July 2019


Today is the official start of Plastic Free July 2019!
What IS Plastic Free July? It’s a month-long opportunity to stop buying single-use plastics.

Many of you have been doing this already. But for those who aren’t practicing a low/minimal/zero waste lifestyle, this is a great time to join millions of others and get started. Unfortunately, I can’t say “it’s never too late to get started,” because that environmental deadline is coming very soon. So there’s no time waste! Will you switch to reusable containers and do your very best to avoid any single-use plastic whenever possible?

I get it, it’s not always possible. Companies have been relying on plastic packaging for decades. But you vote with your dollar, and if you stop investing in plastic, companies will have to find sustainable alternatives to stay competitive.

So how do you start?

Simple. Follow the 5 Rs: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Rot (Compost) and Recycle.

Recycling should be the very last resort before having to throw something into the trash. This means bringing your own bags to grocery stores, your own containers for takeaway food, buying post-consumer recycled materials instead of items made from new resources, and buying second hand. There are lots of resources on (link in bio) to get you started, and tons of communities on Facebook that are happy to support new zero wasters.


You can also check out last year’s

30 Day Plastic Free Challenge!




If we all make an effort, we may have a chance. Let’s make this the most successful #PlasticFreeJuly to date!

Will you join in?

Please share, tag a friend, and spread the word!

And please check out


  1. Hello- I realize July is winding down, and I thought there would be events in the SF Bay Area!!

    I’m tired of this area lagging behind and not finding many like minded people!

    Others have to be out there? I do my part & feel like a weirdo most times. I don’t let it stop me, and it would be great to find other like minded peeps!


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