Make your voices heard!

“Californians are already feeling the effects of climate change and continue to struggle with poor air and water quality.

This past year, historic wildfires devastated communities across the state and spewed millions of tons of greenhouse gases and toxic pollutants into the air.

But President Trump has continued with his pro-polluter agenda, by dismantling protections for local drinking water supplies, rivers, and iconic species, eviscerating safeguards for wildlife most at risk of extinction, and attempting to open our public lands to oil and gas drilling and other industrial development.”

– Annie Notthoff (California Advocacy Director, NRDC Action Fund)

Malibu Lagoon, California, 2018. Photo Courtesy: Pirate Lab


We get so many comments from wonderful, helpful people like yourself asking how they can do more. 🥰🥰 You already pick up litter, you gave up buying plastic, but you want to go even further.

How? Here’s how:

Critical pro-environment bills MUST be voted on by next week.


Make your voices heard!

Urge your state legislators to support policies that protect California’s communities, air, wildlife, and climate.

These policies may be specific to California, but everyone can show their support. If we all support each other’s causes, WE CAN MOVE MOUNTAINS.


Let California State Legislature know you want them to:


Vote YES on SB 1 to safeguard clean air, safe drinking water, endangered species, and workers’ protections in the state, even as the Trump administration works overtime to weaken them at the federal level

Vote YES on AB 454 to ensure that protections for migratory birds in California will remain in effect, regardless of any Trump administration rollbacks

Vote YES on SB 307 to protect California’s desert lands from destructive industrial activity

Vote YES on AB 936 to protect California’s coast, ocean, and marine life from dirty oil spills

Vote YES on AB 1440 to make sure that state agencies prioritize public health and the environment rather than getting every last drop of dirty fossil fuels out of the ground

Vote NO on SB 386 to ensure that California remains on the path to a 100% clean energy future

Click HERE to find the form.

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Fish: PirateLab

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Annie Notthoff (California Advocacy Director, NRDC Action Fund)

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