Fun with Fennel (regrow your veg!)

One of the many vegetables we can regrow from cuttings is fennel. Here is the growth progress of a cutting over just a few days:

Fennel fronds have a taste similar to licorice and make great additions to salads and soups. I love to brew a nice hot cup of tea using fennel leaves as well!





1.) Chop the base of the fennel bulb with a clean knife and place in a shallow bowl of water:





2.) After 24 hours, new growth is already visible:



3.) 48 hours:






4.) 60 hours:



5.) 9 Days:



6.) 13 days later, it is ready to be planted!



6.) Check out these cute little buds forming! So adorable!

7.) Plant in nutrient-rich soil just deep enough to cover the base but not the new fronds in a mostly sunny spot. The soil needs to be well draining or the fennel will rot. This herb is pretty tough though! 

Now go get some dirt under your nails!


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