A Little Inspiration

There will always be good and bad days on our path to zero waste. Sometimes that can be caused by a partner, family member or colleague not getting onboard with the plan, or worse, being vocally against it. Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one doing this, the only one I can see anyway.

Then I go online and I’m inspired by all of you. Those who make it a hobby to pick up litter with your dogs, those who post a delicious looking zero waste meal, those who just post their grocery haul with pride because no plastic was involved in the process. All of it is inspiring. But when someone close to you, or worse if there are multiple people, just don’t care, it can be really destructive.

I start feeling like maybe I am being too pushy, even though in my personal life I try to lead by example, not by preaching. I post about it to those who want to read and try to answer questions as best I can. But it gets hard when in my actual day to day life, I’m the only one fighting. I wonder why I bother. Who am I doing this for?

Then I look down at my dogs, two of them smushed faced. I think about how their lives will be effected at 110 degrees Fahrenheit. What about other dogs without any shelter? We’re going to lose so many species because of human greed contributing to global warming. And there’s a solution: renewable energy. The phrase, “mass extinction” is enough to keep me posting.

What’s worth saving in your life? Your kids? Your pets? Your garden? Use that to motivate you on your bad days. Don’t give up! 💪🌎

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