Amazon Zero Waste: Sign the Petition!


I couldn’t sleep last night because I felt like I hit a wall with Amazon Zero Waste. Though the customer service representatives ​​ were very polite, that’s about all they were. They offered no hint of resolution or indication that my message would even reach the decision makers. But with ample support from friends, businesses, and amazing zero wasters like yourself, I was not going to give up. Not by a long shot. Then with an inspirational message from a SoCal Zero Waster named Cristina, we decided to take this a step further. Now it’s a petition!

If you agree that Amazon should stop shipping its products in non-recycled cardboard, stuffed with single-use plastics, please sign this petition. If you think they should only be using 100% post consumer materials, and compostable packing ​​materials, please sign this petition. Amazon already offers sustainable shipping practices in Germany. It’s time they go Zero Waste in their home country, too!

We need a lot of signatures to make this happen. Please spread the word. Its up to us!​

Click here to sign:


  1. I just found this petition, which is closed (asking Amazon to change its packaging). We use Amazon a lot, and I feel sick everytime I see one of those single use plastic envelopes it comes in. Can we start another petition? I’ll be sure to share it with friends/neighbors in Marin (high Amazon users). Would like to see more traction gained on this issue. Also, any press release/media attention possible? Let me know how I can help.


  2. Just found this but petition is closed. I am horrified every time I see the Amazon single use plastic envelope deliver my items. Can we re-open/start a new petition? I will be sure to share it with friends/neighbors in Marin (high Amazon users). Also wondering if we could get any media attention on this issue? Let me know how I can help.


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