Zero Waste Businesses


Here’s a growing list of some brilliant eco-preneurs around the world. Though many California business are listed, this list is not limited to any specific region, because we all need to learn from each other.

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fg.png (Bay Area California Delivery) is a Zero Waste delivery company servicing the San Francisco bay area. A wide variety of products difficult to find in bulk in stores are available for delivery. You can use your own dispensers, or purchase containers directly from I speak from experience when I say they provide a great service.



A sustainable company supporting the Bring Your Own Straw movement. “Straw users can choose from the many types of reusable straws on the market and now have a way to pack and carry their personal straw easily in the cloth sleeves. The sleeves are designed to keep the straw clean and protected from contact with other items in their tote-bag, glove-box, pocketbook, backpack, or picnic basket.”



The Ethical Straw Company –  (Australia) “Is a proud supporter of the Zero Waste Movement. Single-use plastic straws are one of the most detrimental items to the survival of our oceans. We provide a suitable alternative to plastic straws. Our stainless steel straws are 100% BPA free and 100% Reusable.”


Simply Straws   (USA – California) “In 2012, the Sladics’ family began ‘Simply Straws,’ a reusable drinking straw alternative to the common plastic straws. With a passion to educate the public on the effects of plastic pollution, and a commitment to work with organizations minimizing plastics-we began.”




 “Koffie Straws (USA – Pennsylvania) are made from 100% FDA approved silicone. They are safe under high temperatures and will give you comfort knowing that you are drinking your coffee, tea, or hot chocolate the safest way possible. Koffie Straws are fully reusable and dishwasher friendly. Now you can reduce your plastic footprint and cut our planet a break.” – “We are a small family-run company with a passion for the environment and helping people live happier and healthier lives. Our first promise— to do our part to reduce the number of plastic straws clogging up our oceans and landfills. We do this by offering our sustainable, non-toxic glass straws at a fair price so everyone can make the switch (eliminating about 600 plastic straws per person, per year), and by donating to causes that promote the recycling of plastics.” Find out more on their site.



Sprocket and Steel (Australia.) Stainless steel straws- distribute reusable  stainless steel  drinking straws. “I have always loved drinking from straws since I was little, I love animals too.  A couple of years ago I saw a documentary about the Garbage Island in the Pacific Ocean and it made me very sad to see turtles and other animals dying from eating the plastic straws.I decided I wanted to start my own business to make stainless steel straws to help save the animals and share them with everyone. Thank you for supporting the environment and my small business.“- Kiara, Sprocket and Steel CEO.



Want to see your green business listed and potentially featured? Send me an email to with information on your company.

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