Travel Kit

In the theme of Zero Waste on the go-go, traveling that is, here is my homemade moisturizer and deodorant. If they look similar, it’s because there’s only 2 more ingredients in the deodorant to make it smell nomnom.

There have been reports that aluminum, BHT, fluorine, and other additives in deodorant are linked to breast cancer, especially in recent decades were the tumors seem to line the breast/underarm region.

I tried Tom’s and a few other all natural deodorant sticks. Seriously, I probably tried 15 different brands in my life . Nothing worked, as a deodorant or antiperspirant.
I looked up several deodorant recipes online and tried a bunch out, but I never had a lot of success. Especially since I have a coconut allergy, I had to be creative.

Heating up 1 cup of fair trade shea butter in a double boiler, I added about 2 tablespoons of baking soda (all baking soda is aluminum free, don’t be conned by more expensive brands. Also, just read the ingredients, it will clearly state if there’s aluminum in it or not).

I mix it until it’s homogenized and in a more liquid than solid state, then take it off the heat. You can pour it into your containers now, but it’s really easy to scoop out anyway. Baking soda sucks up smells. That’s what it’s good at. That’s why we shove a box in the fridge to suck up fridge stink.

Optional: once it cools, add a few drops of an essential oil of your choice. Something you know your skin is happy with. For me, I used lemon grass oil because it smells so fresh and so clean.

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