The 12 Days of Wastefulness

The 12 Days of Wastefulness:


Day 1: Christmas Trees


We’ve collected lots of Christmas tree alternatives, while providing your the facts on pollution surrounding the Christmas tree culture.



Day 2: Gift Giving



To gift card or not to gift card? That is the question. And the answer is, we got you covered. If you’re not sure what to get someone, don’t just buy something random! We’re hooking you up with lots of waste-free gift ideas that are sure to be memorable and spread smiles!


Day 3: Gift Wrapping



50% of America’s annual paper usage goes to decorating products. And what’s worse, a lot of commercial wrapping paper is not recyclable because it’s mixed with plastic, foil, or glitter. Here are some fun alternatives to commercial wrapping paper (and some alternatives to paper all together!)

Day 4: Charity


The true meaning of the holiday season is giving, so why not give to those who need it most? We’ve listed some great resources that give back to the community and help to reduce waste!


Day 5: Greeting Cards


The tradition of sending new paper Christmas cards is not the most sustainable option anymore. We have some awesome, alternative ways to say Merry Christmas to your long distance family and friends this December!



Day 6: Stockings (and Stocking Stuffers!)


From cheap store-bought stockings to crappy impulse-bought stocking stuffers, Zero Waste California has some instructions on designing your own stockings, and some zero waste gifts to stuff them with!