B.Y.O.Mug: San Francisco cafes are ditching disposable cups!

Cafes all over California are grasping the zero waste concept by encouraging their customers to bring their own mugs and to skip out on single-use/disposable materials. Yep, even the compostable and recyclable ones. Because reusing is always more sustainable than only using once.

Blue Bottle cafes are happy to pour their coffee into your cup. That’s not a euphemism. 🙃. And Boutique Crenn has stated that they will not offer any to-go bags or disposable cups in when their cafe opens this year in SF.

One of the best ways to avoid waste is to plan ahead! When I think a trip to the cafe might be in my near future, I make sure I have a reusable cup or mug, a handkerchief (to avoid using paper napkins) and even a spoon and fork, just in case. ☺️ And of course my metal straw.

Does your favorite cafe let you use your own mugs? Tag them below and so we can say thanks!